Sugar Bowl Ski Pros, Coaches and Camps

Based at Sugar Bowl, CA, all-mountain ski pros and ASI Guides focus on simplicity and consistency. You will learn proven free-skiing technique for all conditions and terrain. To learn about this teaching program, check out the book, “Ski the Whole Mountain”. Each of the top-level Ski Pros add their own unique flair to the techniques described and beautifully photographed.

All-mountain ski pros have also added ski camps over the years. The series of two-day all-mountain free skiing ski camps at Sugar Bowl will include steep skiing sessions, powder skiing, crud skiing and all other challenges the mountain has to offer. You’ll begin working on the basics and move to harder terrain to apply the techniques as you like. Price includes 2 days of coaching/guiding, video and video review session!

Enjoy a fun, full day of skiing and coaching at Sugar Bowl. It’s perfect to hone your technique and explore the variety of great skiing provided by the high-speed quads of Sugar Bowl Ski Resort. Great coaching and skiing for intermediate and advanced skiers!

Have a great off-piste ski experience at Sugar Bowl and in the backcountry. These economical, full day (6 hour) sessions provide a top-quality downhill coaching and backcountry experience to give you the tools to improve your skiing while learning backcountry touring and safety basics.

Private coaching is the most personal and effective program. No distractions, just you and your trained and approved coach or guide. Choose either a full day or half day of skiing with your personal coach. Private coaching with a ski pro is the best coaching you can get. Booking is on a first call basis. Call or email for availability.